Free App, Polyjamer, Let’s You Make Funky & Delicious Beats On Your iPhone Or iPad

Polyjamer is a free app for iOS, created by Gad Hinkis, that is designed to be a fun tool for jamming.

it can be used on one device to make beats, or can be synced with other devices for jamming with others.

In the first video, above, Hinkis intros Polyjamer for Synthtopia readers. Below, he demonstrates how the app can be used anywhere to make beats:

The developers want Polyjamer to be easy to use, to encourage people of all types to jam and make music together:

We believe that music can create a better, more collaborative culture, and we want to use technology in a way that helps to create real life human connections.

Here’s a playlist of tips to get started with Polyjamer:

Pricing and Availability

Polyjamer is a free download from the App Store.

If you’ve used Polyjamer, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

16 thoughts on “Free App, Polyjamer, Let’s You Make Funky & Delicious Beats On Your iPhone Or iPad

  1. Something about those sunglasses makes me want to have nothing to do with that app. Reminds me of Propellerheads Figure app minus the appeal and uncool sunglasses in the trailer.

  2. He’s made a cool little music toy for free. (Nice that it’s free).

    I like that his example was a little odd (in a good way).

    His vision to “put music in people’s hands” is fine, I don’t think it is necessarily a burning need. People have more than enough ways to make instant music on their devices. This is just another one. I don’t have the attention span to find out whether this is different than the others I’ve seen that make loops by just touching “and not even looking”.

  3. Same here, I read “Funky and Delicious” paired with “Iphone or Ipad” and thought Really?
    Free or not, it’s just more digital baggage.

  4. Unlike many synthtopia readers, I actually like seeing cool music apps that people have made. You never know when you might find something that is inspiring or fun either for yourself or for someone else. Nice that it’s free also.

  5. Awesome, fun, intuitive and social app! I like his vision to enable none professional musicians and even some normal people the access to the phenomenal feeling of jamming and play with others. It’s a really nice gift to share with the world. Funky dude, funky glasses, Good luck!

  6. i teach kids music, have used launchpad or figure or even moog filton and blew a few minds, but it was only once off before things got a bit too complicated for them to understand

    this on the other hand is something im looking forward to using in my next class – and seens as half of them have ipads at home these days, to tell the parents to get too, nice one that its free

    (and big up neukolln!)

  7. The app is kinda fun, as are the videos. But I wish the saved audio could be saved/exported just as audio. Looks like all you can do is export/share a video.

    And why do some developers insist on this facebook/gmail/register thing? Since it’s free, the registering part made me suspicious, so I revoked the app’s permission in gmail after a playing with the app a little while. I’ll leave it installed to see what develops though.

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