Roland Intros VR-730, VR-09-B Live Performance Keyboards

Roland has introduced the two new V-Combo live performance keyboards, the VR-730 and VR-09-B.

Both instruments feature a wide selection of organ, piano, and synth sounds,, plus seven simultaneous effects. The VR-730 features a 73-note waterfall keyboard with semi-weighted action, though, while the VR-09-B offers a 61-note synth-action keyboard.


  • Mobile, easy-to-carry design runs on AC or battery power.
  • Instant access to organ, piano, and synth sounds via dedicated panel sections.
  • Virtual Tone Wheel Organ reproduces authentic vintage organ sounds.
  • Three onboard rotary effects, including a newly developed rock rotary type with cutting presence for performing with loud bands.
  • Vintage electric pianos and rich acoustic grand pianos; VR-730 EPs include a selection from the RD-2000.
  • Wide selection of SuperNATURAL Synth tones, from vintage classics to modern essentials.
  • Expand the onboard sound library with free downloads from Roland’s Axial website.
  • Free iPad editor app for customizing organ and synth sounds.
  • Seven simultaneous effects with dedicated real-time controls.
  • Enhance performances and practice sessions with rhythm patterns, metronome, looper, USB audio recording/playback, and other built-in features.
  • Free VR-09 Editor app for iPad, VR-730 and VR-09-B offers enhanced control of the organ and synth engines,
  • Users can also download additional VR-730 and VR-09-B sounds for free at Roland’s Axial website.

Roland VR-730

The VR-730’s 73-note waterfall keyboard is tailored to traditional organ players, offering a quick-firing response for executing techniques like trill, sputter, glissando, and percussive hits.

Roland VR-09-B

The VR-09-B’s 61-note keyboard features Roland’s synth action keyboard, and reduces size and weight for even greater portability.

See the Roland site for more info:

11 thoughts on “Roland Intros VR-730, VR-09-B Live Performance Keyboards

  1. roland, pleeeeease, no PERFORMANCE gear anymore! we want PRODUCTION gear again! remember the times when you made the jx-305, the mc-909, the mv-8000/8800, hell, even the mc-808. stop this aira crap! products without displays are unuseable. look at novation. their circuit is way too cumbersome without a display imo. please. make a groovebox instead, with a decent display, sequencer WITH SONG MODE (!!!!), jd-xi-like sounds and -polyphony. DO IT, and i buy it immediately.

    1. iPad is the answer if you want production with a display. The apps and visuals on there make hardware look like the dinosaur age.

  2. What isn’t clear is the differences between the original VR-09 and this new one. I see there is a new rotary effect, but is that something that could be added to the original one? What would make me want to trade my VR-09 in on a new one?

  3. Not bad, the 61-keys sure doesn’t have any serious competitor for that price (except for those interested in the good Krome pianos), but the 73’s price is way too steep, considering that with a few hundreds dollars more you can buy a Nord Electro or, if you don’t care about the synth banks, a Mojo 61 at even less. That said, the organ sounds way better than any non-dedicated keyboard so far.

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