Sinevibes Reshuffle Offers Real-Time Swing Manipulation For Audio

Sinevibes has introduced Reshuffle, a new effect designed for real-time swing manipulation.

Reshuffle can smoothly adjust swing, without any clicks, and can be used for both studio production and live performance.


  • Real-time adjustment of swing ratio in input audio.
  • Zero latency, zero spectral artifacts.
  • Advanced host synchronization with support for tempo and time signature automation.
  • Real-time graphics for input and output waveforms.
  • Color-coded controls with lightly animated transitions.
  • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for Retina screen resolution.

Pricing and Availability

Reshuffle is available now for US $29.

3 thoughts on “Sinevibes Reshuffle Offers Real-Time Swing Manipulation For Audio

  1. I’d be curious to see how well this works…. I was currently building a max for live device to do this for midi so I could adjust swing on the fly for certain parts. Although upon rereading, this is just for audio, nonetheless looks pretty interesting.

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