NDLR Arpeggiator MIDI Setup

Here’s a quick demo by Steven Barile of the NDLR uber-arpeggiator.

Barile, along with Darryl McGee, are currently raising funds via Kickstarter to fund production of the NDLR. See our Knocon interview with McGee for an intro to the NDLR.

Topics Covered:

00:00 – Intro and connecting Volca Bass
3:01 – Connecting Volca FM
5:07 – Connecting Volca Beats
6:00 – Jam on just Volcas
7:46 – Add the DM12
8:10 – More jamming and trying some random DM12 patches

Pricing and Availability:

The NDLR is being produced via a Kickstarter project and is available to backers for US $199. See the project page for details.

4 thoughts on “NDLR Arpeggiator MIDI Setup

  1. Thanks for the new video. I’m still basically hoping for the first video with this line up of devices. This one has the simple sounds but very little explanation of what’s happening on the NDLR itself. The initial demo talked about what was happening but it was hard to hear the specifics because the sounds were so lush.

    1. Hi Will, we’ll be doing a series of videos showing each feature individually which is the easiest way to see whats going on. See our youtube or kickstarter page for the first one, demonstrating the Pad feature. We used a piano with a keyboard overlaid on The NDLR so you can see exactly what’s happening.

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