Orthogonal Devices ER-301 Sound Computer ‘Clouds’ Clone

r beny created a custom unit, Ultraviolet, for the Orthagonal Devices ER-301 Sound Computer that’s inspired by the Mutable Instruments Clouds module.

Here is a list of the parameters and what they do (everything can be put under CV-control):

Wet/Dry – Sets the wet/dry mix between the input source and the granular unit
In Gain – Sets the amount of the input signal feeding into the recording buffer/granular unit
Freeze – Gate input, stops the recording buffer from recording
Trigger – Trigger input, triggers the grains
Reverse – Toggle input, reverses the grains
Density – Triggers the grains internally without the need for a trigger input
Position – Sets the start point for the grains
Size – Sets the size of the grains
Cut – Cutoff of the filters
Res – Resonance of the filters
Pass – “Spread” of the filters
V/Oct – Volt per octave pitch control of the grains
Warble – Adds a small amount of pitch warble to the grains. Has a chorus effect when you can still hear the dry signal
Spread – Stereo spread and panning amount of the grains
Mod – Adds internal random modulation to the Position and Size parameters that are synced to both the Trigger Input and the Density Input
Gain – Grain gain

There are two versions of Ultraviolet – one has a feedback control which feeds the grains back into manual grain unit. The other has a control called Refract that is a distortion/bit crushing unit.

Ultraviolet is available as a free download. If you’ve used the mod, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it.

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