DM48 Chromatic MIDI Harmonica

The Lekholm Instruments DM48 Chromatic MIDI Harmonica is a 12-hole, 48-note, digital chromatic harmonica, designed to give harmonica players MIDI control over electronic sounds.

Because it’s a MIDI controller, the DM48 opens the door to playing all types of sounds, using custom tunings, recording MIDI and more.

The above video captures Laurent Maur playing Billy Strayhorn’s Isfahan, using the D48 with SampleModeling’s Trumpet 3 virtual instrument.


  • 12 precision pressure sensors
  • Class compliant USB MIDI
  • Fully customizable tunings
  • Adjustable response parameters
  • Compact size
  • OLED display
  • Anodized aluminum mouthpiece
  • Adjustable breathing resistance

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

The DM48 MIDI Harmonica is available in the EU for 7250 SEK (Swedish kronor) including Swedish VAT, plus shipping. Non-EU customers avoid VAT and pay 5800 SEK, but local sales tax and import duties may be added depending on destination. See the Lekholm Instruments site for more info.

via Chick Sangria

11 thoughts on “DM48 Chromatic MIDI Harmonica

  1. This is amazingly cool! Harmonica is one of those instruments that has to work harder depending on how far apart the notes are.

    It would be nice if it had a couple pressure sensors or a little bend lever. The button is cool but there seems to be some opportunity for a couple more real-time controllers.

    Very cool!!

  2. I’m a proffesional cool jazz player on harmonica, but left handed.
    is it possible to build that midi harmonica the other way around,
    the button on the left side?
    Please let me know.

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