14 thoughts on “Automatica 4k – Robots vs. Music

  1. I’m calling bull$#!+

    I do believe they programmed these robots to do these movements, but I don’t believe the sounds are coming from what we are seeing.

    Opening scene: laser cutter, then foley footsteps over to the gear. If that was really room sound, we’d know it. Totally fake. (Oh, $#!+, I’m starting to sound like an orange-headed buffoon).

    Those drums sound suspiciously clean and well-produced. It takes quite a bit of finesse to get a beat to sound like that, I just think the got the robots to execute the movements in time, but replaced all the sounds later.

    If it is real, and I am wrong, than this is far more impressive than anything we’ve seen in years. But I’m probably right.

    1. To add to your points – piano “hands” press keys not in exact same time, but we hear straight chords with all keys in sync.

      Fret hand on the bass doesn’t press the string with enough strength to the fretboard to produce that bass tone.

    1. Oi! Mr Woz not Woz!
      My toque-wearing, maple and peameal bacon eating Canadian arse thoroughly resents your commentary about Unicorns, eh!

  2. He’s using real robots to act out a futuristic vision for his video.

    How is that complicated to people?

    Cool AF in my book!

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