Symphony Pro iOS Music Notation Software Updated With Handwriting Recognition & More

Xenon Labs has updated Symphony Pro, its iOS music notation software, adding handwriting recognition, PDF vector support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Symphony Pro version 5:

Handwriting Recognition:

  • Symphony Pro now recognizes your handwriting and turns it into formatted notation as you edit (In-App purchase).
  • Perfect with Apple Pencil, and works great with touch or capacitive stylus

Selected features & improvements:

  • View & edit with infinite vertical scrolling, which is now default. To enable, go under Score Menu > Score View Mode
  • Split Screen Mode window support to bring open another app window alongside SP
  • Staff Side panel can now be found in any of the three View Modes
  • Show context shortcuts to add new instrument, edit or delete an existing part, or select an entire part
  • Export Menu now features an ‘All Parts’ option under Export Options to export each individual instrument as a separate printout
  • Part names/labels are customizable in font/color under Score > Display Settings > Part Labels


  • Better MusicXML interoperability with Dorico, Sibelius™, MuseScore, and Finale™
  • Vector-based document export to PDF & AirPrint
  • Customizable document margins under Display Settings > Page Sizes
  • Numerous import & export enhancements & bug fixes to PDF, MIDI, MusicXML formats


  • Professionally sound-designed instruments for 36 of the orchestral, wind, and percussion/unpitched percussion libraries
  • Bluetooth MIDI devices can now be connected with the app by unde Playback Options > MIDI / Recording Options > MIDI Connections > Bluetooth Setup
  • Tap any location on score to reposition playhead in real-time
  • When starting playback mid-score, preceding score dynamics & tempo changes (i.e. crescendi, metronome marks) are now pre-simulated, meaning the performance is always consistent no matter where you begin playback

Universal App – As of the official launch of SP5, both existing & new customers who’ve purchased Symphony Pro are able to download this app for free on their iPhone

Editing Features:

Symphony Pro now allows you to define how beams are grouped by default by specifying a custom meter. First open the Measure Dialog, the navigate to Time/Key > Configure Meter

Use the On-Screen Piano to enter Percussion notes from Drum Staff via new Heads-Up Display


  • Notation to Tab support when copying & pasting: See the full release notes for details
  • Supports customizable numbers of strings
  • Favorited Score Symbols allows you to include expressions of your choice under the new Favorites category for quicker access to commonly used articulations, dynamics, expressions, and text element
  • Customizable text for Rehearsal/Section Marks: first select the symbol, then tap ‘Edit Section Text

Pricing and Availability

Symphony Pro is available now for US $14.99, with handwriting recognition available as a $9.99 In-App purchase.

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