VCV Rack Updated & More Free Modules Available

Free multi-platform software modular synthesizer VCV Rack has been updated to version 0.4.0.

The update features a new VCO in Fundamental, Lissajous mode in Scope, plug lights and more

In addition to the update, additional modules are available from multiple sources that are compatible with the update:

  • Sonus Modular is a free collection of 7 modules
  • ML_Modules is a collection fo 5 modules
  • Leonardo Laguna Ruiz has released VultModules, a set of three virtual filter modules for the open-source VCV Rack virtual modular synthesizer.
  • NYSTHI is a collection of reverb and logic modules
  • Simple module pack

If you’ve used VCV Rack, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

11 thoughts on “VCV Rack Updated & More Free Modules Available

  1. really enjoying this software. pairing with a Korg SQ-1 is endless enjoyment and its awesome to easily load a saved patch/song/experiment. looking forward to the Autodafe modules being updated for 0.4.0 (as well as the binary for OS X from Sonus Modular)…

  2. I can’t believe how hooked I am on VCV Rack. I think I originally kind of laughed off the idea of software modulars previously on here and I couldn’t have been more wrong. I’ve never played with a basic modular system much less something like this and i’m basically floored after getting my head around this. Stuff i would never have come up with using my other synths and devices.

  3. rack is a GREAT idea!! I have been waiting for this for many years.

    BUT …there appear to be some significant flaws. I am using a Mac (Sierra OS X 10.12.6) and cannot get the new version to open patch files created in the earlier version. Also, I cannot get the new version to recognize or load the new modules listed in this posting. Anybody out there having similar problems or …better yet… have a solution?

    1. everything is working just fine (with the exception of the Sonus modules on mac). the location of where to install the plugins has changed since the last version. just move the plugins to the folder inside the app. as for the older patches, you probably just need to open both versions and manually rebuild/save your patches in the current version…

      1. Thanks. Do you mean put all the plug-ins inside the same folder as “Rack”? In the previous version, I had them all in separate folders which were in the “Plugins” folder. If I move them all to the same folder (the “Rack” folder), the OS will want to replace them because many of the files have the same names.

        1. Right-click on the Rack app icon in the Finder, choose “Show Package Contents”. Open the “Contents” folder, then “Resources”, and there you’ll find the new location for plugins. Once I moved all the plugins there, they loaded up just fine.

          1. Indeed, you can move plugins into the app itself, but then you’ll have to do that after every update, and development is quite active luckily.

            Easier is to move them to the ~/Documents/Rack/plugins directory.

  4. The developers don’t explicitly spell it out, but the v 0.4 numbering indicates that this is still early beta software.

    So some squirrelliness should be expected, and it shouldn’t be used by people that want or need reliable software.

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