Free Arturia CS-80v Preset Nails Iconic ‘Blade Runner Blues’ Sound

Synthesist and sound designer Paul Schilling has shared a free patch for Arturia CS-80v that nails the sound of Vangelis‘s iconic ‘Blade Runner Blues‘ CS-80 patch. 

Check it out let us know what you think:

Here’s what Schilling has to say about the patch:

The Blade Runner Blues lead / harmonica patch is one of the most expressive patches Vangelis ever did on the CS-80. Among other things it features sensitive and fine-tuned velocity and aftertouch response, with quite different settings for each of the two synth lines.

Since it is not directly derived from the CS-80’s preset buttons (many of his other go-to patches were), and especially because it has so many expressive nuances, it is not a straightforward patch to recreate.

After many hours of micro-tweaking every possible parameter on the CS-80V3 and much A/B comparison, this is the closest I have gotten.

The pad background was created with the Roland VP-03 strings to emulate Vangelis’ gorgeous VP330, and some Rhodes flourishes were added.

If you’re a Arturia CS-80v v3 owner, you can dowload the patch for free via Google Drive. Click on the link then click on the download icon on the upper right.

34 thoughts on “Free Arturia CS-80v Preset Nails Iconic ‘Blade Runner Blues’ Sound

  1. sounds good
    only thing i feel bad about blade runner is how much everyone talks down the extra narration that they had Harrison Ford do
    They say it took away from it
    me , i thought it changed the movie from a scifi to a detective story that takes part in the future (mike hammer 2050)

    1. I saw the movie with the narration first and think it would be very hard to follow without it.

      This patch sounds great. I’d love to get more of his patches, very impressive.

      1. it is why the studio added it , they saw allot would have trouble too
        by the ways 2001 made more sense when i read the book

    1. Mark that probably means you haven’t upgraded to the most recent version yet. Just open Arturia Software Center and click on green Update button to the right of CS-80V

  2. Spectacularly good! Congratulations and thanks for

    PS. I was completely snubbing Arturia’s cs-80v but this
    patch and your playing made me reconsider 🙂

  3. After a number of failed attempts, I still can’t load this path into the VST. I’m running Mac OS Yosemite with Arturia CS-80V v3.0.5. I open the instrument and from the main menu I import the patch. Nothing happens after that. I am aware of certain issues between the v2 and v3, but could there also be issues between minor or patch versions, not just between major versions?

    1. Hi mstaicu – CS-80V v3.0.5 is not the latest version. The latest version is v3.1. So just open Arturia Software Center and update to the latest version of CS-80V. Then the import should work.

    1. Go into the patch browser, and in the “BANKS” section on the left, see if there is a new “Paul” bank. The preset should be in there.

    2. I have the same issue with CS-80 v3.1.0.205 on Windows 10. When I try to import the patch to the stand-alone app, the app just crashes. If I load CS-80 as a VST, and try to import, nothing happens. I’ve tried downloading it from different browsers. No ‘PAUL’ bank shows up, either.

  4. The sort of brilliant patch that just makes people begging for a CS-80V. Or that makes you revisit a synth-plug-in that you haven’t used in a while only to find out what a great tool it still is. Thank you so much. Wow.

  5. Hi PAul,

    Same problem here. It won’t import to 3.1 on a Mac, and the “Paul” bank doesn”t show up. I think it may be a browser problem.

  6. memorymoon ME80’s patch that opens as default is even closer to the original sound with the effects section tuned in with reverb and everything

  7. Really want to try this out! Anyone ported this over the a .cs4x file for V4 of the CS-80?? Or can someone take a screengrab of all the sliders/settings?

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