How To Sequence Effects Pedals With Control Voltages

The latest loopop video takes a look at how you can sequence effects pedals with control voltage and gate signals. 

Not all effects pedals are designed to support control voltage & gate signals. So you’ll want to check your documentation to make sure yours is compatible.

But if it is, this opens up some interesting possibilities, because it means you can use CV & gate signals from controllers, sequencers and your modular synth to control your effect.

In this clip, loopop explores six ways a guitar pedal can be controlled by CV and gate to become part of a modular setup.

7 thoughts on “How To Sequence Effects Pedals With Control Voltages

  1. So much of an understatement actually that the title of the post is borderline clickbait. A bit like posting “How to control your violin with CV” when you actually show how to play a violin patch on a synth with a CV sequencer.

    1. I can only agree, as cool videos as he has on his YT channel, most of them have those clickbite-y titles and although being true in what describe, there’s always some major “if” involved in order to achieve the trick. I hope he reads this and thinks about it.

      1. Clickbait title? Give me a break. More and more new pedals — especially those that would be of interest to synth players — do take CV. The video is about how to use it and it does a great job of that.

        A better analogy for your nitpick would be seeing a video called “how to drive a car using a stick shift” and then complaining that it’s clickbait because most cars don’t have a manual transmission. It’s a pretty simple assumption that the pedal needs to have CV input to be used with CV.

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