Suit & Tie Guy Previews “The World’s Most Advanced ADSR”

Suit & Tie Guy, ‘Head Honcho and Chief Dishwasher’ at STG Soundlabs, has announced that his long-awaited envelope generator module “is about to immanentise itself into our eschaton.”

Suit describes the new module as “The world’s most advanced ADSR.” The module, which will be available in both 5U and Euro form factors, will offer three different types of envelopes:

  • 911 style DADSR/AHDSR
  • Synthi 100 Trapezoid with quadrature outputs, and
  • STG’s own ‘Pyramid Blaster’ ADSAR/DASAR.

The STG Envelope Generator promises two simultaneous output shapes, 4 modes of operation, 4 different times scales, full voltage control of time and sustain level, slope control and cv, and gate outputs per stage via a sidecar module.

Details are still to come at the STG Soundlabs site, but Suit says to hit him up via Facebook if you’re interested in getting one of the first production modules at a discount.

The first production modules are expected around Christmas.

6 thoughts on “Suit & Tie Guy Previews “The World’s Most Advanced ADSR”

  1. Looking forward to this, great experiences with everything STG i’ve had. kind of wanted the 1st two envelopes anyway and the pyramid sounds like something I’d like to check out.

  2. Finally some love for the ADSR EG. In the recent bout of obsessive/compulsive love for everything analog, and the worship of retro designs, it’s nice to see some synth maker not be satisfied with ADS EGs.

  3. Verbos multi envelope is pretty freaking versatile, I ended up with it as there wasn’t anything close, just takes up alot of space tho

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