Stranger Things Live Remix

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Divalvi, captures a live studio remix of the theme from Stranger Things

“When I watched the TV show and heard the main theme, I instantly fell in love with those arps and synths,” notes Divalvi. ‘This is my live remix/reinterpretation of the song’.

The theme for Stranger Things was created by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E.

6 thoughts on “Stranger Things Live Remix

  1. Can we stop talking about Stranger Things already? It’s like this and Blade Runner(which, for the record, I love dearly) are the only works of cinema that exist in synthland.

  2. i ‘m struggling here to see what the artist wanted to achieve ,
    did he create a new tune ? no
    did he make a new twist on a great tune ? no
    did i see 1 synth ?no
    please make something original i would be far more impressed
    and it would be more worthy of my time taken to listen.

  3. Maybe there’ll be a remake of Chariots of Fire or Beverly Hills Cop soon, so people can go back to remakes of those themes for a while, and give Stranger Things and Blade Runner a rest 🙂

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