Korg Gadget For Nintendo Switch (Sneak Preview)

Korg hasn’t released details yet, but it is officially bringing its Gadget virtual studio to the Nintendo Switch platform.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid gaming system that can be used in mobile and tabletop modes.

Gadget launched on iOS, but is now also available for Mac & Windows computers. It’s a software studio that comes with a set of virtual instruments that can be used to record and edit music.

Here’s a sneak preview of Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch:

Here’s an overview of Gadget for iOS & desktop computers:

Pricing and Availability

KORG Gadget is expected to be available for Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018. See the Korg site for more info.

via Nobuyoshi Sano, YuhkiTakahashi, José Raúl, nintendoeverything

8 thoughts on “Korg Gadget For Nintendo Switch (Sneak Preview)

  1. AWE I want a switch… Too bad I have a standing agreement with my money that states it all must be spent on eurorack. I’ll stay positive and maybe Nintendo will release a 3U 12v powered switch and then I can play Mario Odyssey and Breathe of the Wild.

  2. Just wondering if you can use USB midi controllers with it.
    I can use a pad-control, 2 nano-pads and regular keys with my ipad at same time

  3. This is awesome. Would love to know what cross-platform dev tools they’re using. I know for a fact it isn’t JUCE (and they have no Windows support as a result).

    But if you own an iPad the Ninetendo is no competition, the iPad’s screen is at least 2x that of the Switch + connectivity + a whole music app eco-system.

    Besides, I’d have to pry the Switch out of my kids sticky little hands 🙂

    1. Be good to blast a bit of zelda during those long sound checks though. I’m pretty sure the switch supports Unreal engine. It also has usb c but nothing is confirmed by korg about external controllers to my knoledge.

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