Using The JoMoX Alpha Base Drum Machine As A Synthesizer

This video, via Geek Gear, takes a look at using the JoMoX Alpha Base Drum Machine as a synthesizer.

The Alpha Base is a drum machine design by Jürgen Michaelis that features eleven drum voices, sequencer, Midi/USB/SD-Card and individual outputs. It has 4 channels with analog multi-mode filters and analogue VCA.

In the video, a built-in sample of an oscillator is used to create a synth patch and a synthesizer track.

The video is the latest in a series, embedded below, that explores using the Alpha Base:

Pricing and Availability

The JoMoX Alpha Base is available with a street price of about US $1800. See the JoMoX site for more info.

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4 thoughts on “Using The JoMoX Alpha Base Drum Machine As A Synthesizer

  1. Though it’s always nice to find unexpected uses for your synths, I have to say I’m not impressed. Also because that loop point sounds really bad, which completely rules out any kind of sustained tone.

  2. Although these demo’s are about as bad as they can be, there’s one good thing that sticks out: This machine grooves.
    Imo there’s no other modern drum machine that comes even close.

  3. Interesting and cool “abuse” of the Jomox Drummachine. Shows what you can do outside of the box, inside the box 😉
    Zhänk you väri matsch!

  4. I think that Jomox make the best sounding analogue drum machines currently in production. I’ve owned all Jomox drum machines and currently have an 888. The 888/999 are also the best lo-fi samplers ever made imho – 6/8 bit samples (not sure exactly, but the replay circuitry is derived from the TR-909 so probably 6-bit), analogue filters and really punchy VCA’s – load your own samples in and these things are phenomenal. Also, as noted above, these machines groove, they are made for house and techno.

    I know that a lot of people moan about the buggy os, it’s mainly to do with the glitchy response of the knobs, but I also think a lot of people just don’t get the Jomox way of working, in particular the differences between Performance and Pattern mode and the way kits and sounds are stored and accessed in each mode. The Alpha base looks like a step-up from these in terms of storage, synthesis and sequencing (not sure about the 16-bit sampling though). I hope they have improved the OS and control response. It’s an expensive device but I can’t wait to try one out.

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