Madrona Labs Soundplane Updated With Improved Tracking & Sensitivity

Madrona Labs has updated the Soundplane software to version 1.5.0. This release is recommended for all Soundplane owners.

The update features rewritten touch tracking, making the unique instrument more responsive and sensitive.

Here’s what’s new in Soundplane 1.5.0:

  • new touch tracker algorithm:
    • consumes much less CPU
    • improved latency
    • improved pressure sensitivity
    • improved pressure uniformity
    • improved position accuracy
    • allows better tracking into corners
    • lengthy normalization step no longer required
    • fixed hanging touches
  • fix Kyma connection
  • improve selection of lowest-noise carrier set
  • fix a possible crash when switching zone presets
  • fixed a window-related crash on shutdown
  • fixed latency issue when in background for an extended time

In the demo video, embedded above, Randy Jones uses the updated software in a Soundplane performance of Satie’s Gnossienne 1.

The update is a free download via the Madrona site.

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