$2.99 GridInstrument, for iOS, A ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Music App

GridInstrument is a new app for iOS that let you play it like an instrument, play using a Novation Launchpad, or use as a MIDI controller to play other music apps.

You can preview its capabilities via the embedded playlist above. 


  • Launchpad integration (connect your Launchpad Mini in low-power mode without a hub or any other Launchpad with a powered hub)
  • Change octaves
  • Change keys
  • Change from over 20 musical modes (“Major, Minor, Dorian, Mixolydian, etc.”)
  • Choose between two grid layouts (“Diatonic 4th” or “Chromatic/4ths String Layout”)
  • Core MIDI out so that you use GridInstrument to control your other instruments
  • Audiobus 3 MIDI supportGridInstrument

Pricing and Availability

GridInstrument is available now for US $2.99.

6 thoughts on “$2.99 GridInstrument, for iOS, A ‘Swiss Army Knife’ Music App

  1. Just purchased and tried this and have to say it works pretty damn well. Most of the (scale mode) functionality of the LaunchPad Pro for a hundredth of the price. If the developer can incorporate the different overlap modes of the LaunchPad Pro (where you choose the amount of overlapping notes per row) this will be a MUST-HAVE, PERFECT APP. As it stands now, still highly recommended. Awesome job.

  2. Seems really straightforward and easy to use, looks very cool. Now, if it could play chords, instead of just single notes at the touch of a button, it would be an instabuy for me!

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