Karplus Strong Synthesis With The Radikal Technologies EFFEXX Module

Developer Jörg Schaaf shared this video of using the Radikal Technologies EFFEXX Eurorack module to do Karplus Strong physical modeling synthesis and create a range plucked string type sounds.

Here’s what Schaaf has to say about the video:

In this Eurorack modular workshop video, I explain the usage of the EFFEXX string filter algorithm. If you already have an EFFEXX module, you probably have the three additional modules I used for this workshop.

For my sound examples, I added one Noise generator, one ADSR envelope generator and one VCA.

‘The workshop explains the cabling and gives a lot of tips how to tweak the parameters for different sonic results.

If you just would like listening to the string filter sounds you can skip the first 4 minutes.

Details on the EFFEXX module are available at the Radikal site.

4 thoughts on “Karplus Strong Synthesis With The Radikal Technologies EFFEXX Module

  1. This was a great demo! I have waisted many hours just putting white noise through the string filter to create some incredible drones.

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