North Coast Intros Leapfrog VCF

Toronto-based North Coast Synthesis has released the MSK 007 Leapfrog VCF, a voltage-controlled filter for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

North Coast’s Leapfrog VCF has a different response curve from older synthesizer filters, with a sharper cutoff of the high frequencies.

“There are some digital modules that can cut off as sharply as this one,” says North Coast module designer Matthew Skala, “but 1970s analog synth technology couldn’t match it. I had to go into scientific papers from the 2000s for the design equations.”

“The Leapfrog is a new circuit topology in the Eurorack world, with its own unique sound,” says Skala, “but I like to think the module itself has a traditional analog synth style. It’s classic through-hole construction throughout, very much designed to be assembled by hand rather than machine. The circuit wouldn’t be out of place in a synthesizer from last century, if they had had the theoretical tools to analyze it.”

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The Leapfrog VCF is available through North Coast for $520 assembled, or $320 for the do-it-yourself kit.

3 thoughts on “North Coast Intros Leapfrog VCF

  1. sounds very interesting, however, from the audio samples is difficult to form an opinion. I guess this is why this is the only comment so far… a video demonstration of how the sound responds to filter modulation and other features would be very useful. respect

  2. Really cool idea! I’m always down for more new filters. Would love to see some simple sweeps videos too.

    Slight criticism – the font looks way too much like Papyrus for me to ever want the original faceplate in my rig. Might do the DIY version someday but hopefully can find an alternate panel! Perhaps they can sell a blank one you can DIY etch?

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