Odessa For iOS (Sneak Preview)

Developer Bram Bos shared this sneak preview of Odessa for iOS, a collection of MIDI plugins.

Odessa offers 6 MIDI plugins:

  • Bassline: Mono Synth Sequencer
  • X0X: TR Step Sequencer
  • Rhythm: Euclidean Drum Sequencer
  • LFO: 3x Assignable MIDI LFO Generator
  • XY: Configurable XY Pad Controller
  • Arpeggio: MIDI Arpeggiator

Odessa is ‘coming soon’. Details are to be announced.

11 thoughts on “Odessa For iOS (Sneak Preview)

    1. Hee hee. Exactly. Take my moneys! This looks like an essential app. Audio Units take ipad music production to the next level, blurring the boundaries between computer and iOS, and between hardware and software. Nice job, Bram Bos. Muchos gracias!

    1. The only app from Bram I can remember from my old days running windows before I have made a switch to Mac was a simple but brilliant drum machine app, can’t remember the name though. It did have a shark logo, I think…
      Anyway, Odessa looks like yet another winner from Bram 🙂

  1. This looks like the temptation needed to dump my iPad 2 for the Pro. Do any of you on this topic think that’s necessary?

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