Configuring A Eurorack Modular System For Live Performance

The latest video by Mylar Melodies discusses reconfiguring his Eurorack modular system to tailor it to live performance.

He discusses inspirations – Steevio & VCOADSR – and hardware decisions to tailor the rig for improvising with sequences.

Key modules of the rig include:

  • Doepfer Precision Adder
  • Doepfer Switched Multiple
  • Ladik S180
  • Ladik S183
  • Ladik Clockworks (See also Make Noise Tempi)
  • ALM Busycircuits Akemies Taiko
  • ALM Pamela’s NEW Workout (my master clock – brilliant brilliant module)
  • Abstract Data ADE-60 VCA
  • Abstract Data ADE-50 Mixer
  • Make Noise MATHS
  • Make Noise Erbe Verb
  • Ornament & Crime

Details on the rig are available at Modular Grid.

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