Seven Ways To Use Two Keyboards With The Moog Mother-32

In this video, Greg Pagel takes a look at using two keyboards with the Moog Mother-32.

This tutorial briefly explains the difference between MIDI and CV (control voltage) inputs, and demonstrates several ways you can simultaneously use a MIDI keyboard and a CV keyboard with the Mother-32 synthesizer.

Techniques covered include using the keyboards to:

  • Play two independent melodic lines
  • Precisely control FM (frequency modulation) effects
  • Use a CV keyboard to precisely control the filter cutoff while playing separate melodic lines with a MIDI keyboard
  • Use a CV keyboard to add microtonal inflections to melodic lines played on a MIDI keyboard.
  • Control a 3rd pitch, melodically, using CV velocity
  • Use MIDI, CV pitch, and CV velocity to play 3 independent lines using the VCO, LFO, and VCF.
  • Use the arpeggiator on the Keystep and the Mother’s VCF to create pulsating rhythmic patterns.

Note: Pagel notes that at about 6:00, he says the VCO tracking is bad, when he really meant the LFO tracking.

2 thoughts on “Seven Ways To Use Two Keyboards With The Moog Mother-32

  1. Sounds awful. The first thing you learn as Musician is to be in tune. How is this useful in the context of this song? I prefer good solid examples, i.e. if you mention something, and then go onto follows that you’re covering the next video, what’s the point in mentioning mentioning it to begin with. A brief explanation would suffice.

  2. This is an awesome and informative vid. Don’t pay attention to that guy “Michael Bennett” — I came here looking for inquisitive approaches to modulating pitch in a microtonal manner, and I found it along with a lot more inspiration that I didn’t expect.

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