Odessa MIDI Audio Units For iOS Now Available

Developer Bram Bos let us know that his latest iOS app, Odessa, is now available.

Odessa is a collection of MIDI Audio Units (AU plugins) for iOS which can send out MIDI.

Odessa’s MIDI plugins are lightweight; each instance has a memory footprint of less than 512Kb and a typical CPU load of 2-4% (on an iPad Air 2).

Note: MIDI AU plugins require iOS 11 and a compatible AU host, which lets you route outgoing MIDI to other MIDI destinations. Kymatica AUM is the first host to support this.

The app contains 6 different AU plugins:

  • Odessa Bassline – a monosequencer, much like the one found in Troublemaker
  • Odessa Rhythm – a Euclidean drum sequencer, set up to work with any drum app
  • Odessa X0X – a classic TR-808 styled step sequencer, with triplets and polyrhythm
  • Odessa LFO – 3x MIDI CC LFO generator (unlimited LFOs, because AU! 😉
  • Odessa XY – a configurable XY Pad Controller with pitchbend and modwheel suppor
  • Odessa Arpeggio – adds an arpeggiator to any synth you own

Creating A Bassline:

Using The LFO:

Odessa has just been released and is becoming available in the App Store.

17 thoughts on “Odessa MIDI Audio Units For iOS Now Available

  1. Be a Real Man and just release it- what’s the story with the “Apple” “delay”? You announced its availability close to 24 hours ago, but it’s not available.. Is this manufactured hype or what exactly is going on?

    1. I can assure you that announcing a product as “Launched”, sending out press releases and telling all forums that the product is there – and then have Apple delay the launch for 15 hours is neither fun, nor a good way to “manufacture hype” 🙂

      In fact, it was a rather nerve-wrecking experience. I’m happy Apple sorted their App Store issues out eventually but I’m not impressed with their show today. So, no. This had nothing to do with not being a “real man” (wut?) or creating artificial hype.

      1. Hi Bram,
        Just using this opportunity to thank you for all your brilliant work. The Troublemaker sequencer was a stroke of genius, and I was extremely happy to see it evolve into Odessa. I really feel, you are “riding the wave” with these. The design and the usability of your stuff is out of this world.
        Many sales to you!

    2. “Real Man”, huh? Classy. Bram has got to be one of the most transparent iOS music app developers out there; he doesn’t deserve your shitty public cynicism. You could have checked his twitter feed for more info as quickly as you left your comment.

    3. Dude, Bram is one of the classiest iOS devs around. He’s super active in support and joins all the social media boards to answer questions. His apps are deceptively simple and sound wonderful.

  2. Awesome!!! Will make some of my crazy AUM setups so much cleaner not having to have so many standalone apps running by themselves in the background!

    And holy crap, what’s wrong with Apple these days?! App Store suuuuuuuucks now.

  3. These look fantastic. Thank you!

    Are there any hosts that are compatible other than AUM at the moment? Will they work in GarageBand, for example? I searched but couldn’t find an answer. Thanks!

  4. Bram Bos products are brilliant and well made! Any chance Odessa will be created as a standalone midi host? Just curious. Keep up the outstanding work!

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