Kauldron ‘Smart Analog Modeling Synth’ For iOS Now Available

Yonac Software – maker of Magellan, KASPAR & Galileo – has released Kauldron, described as a ‘smart analog modeling synth’ for iOS.

Kauldron debuts the next generation of Yonac’s Artificial Intelligence preset creation system, SPAWN². SPAWN² is designed to generate usable presets automatically and to also offer an expert mode for creating subtle ‘variations on a theme’.

Kauldron Intro Video:


  • 3 analog modeling oscillators w/ multiple waveforms & true PWM
  • New v-Analog filter design w/ ‘dirt’ overload for even warmer, richer tones
  • 2 LFOs with BPM sync, keytracking, trigger mode select & more
  • 2 XY-Pads for controlling mod targets or synth parameters
  • Arpeggiator with live & program modes, 11 algorithms, gate, swing, note value, octaving
    & more
  • 900+ presets in a wide variety of styles & sound
  • SPAWN²: Artificial Intelligence based automatic preset generation
  • Universal: works natively on iPad and iPhone
  • AUv3 Plugin Included
  • Full screen AU mode in compatible DAWs & iOS versions
  • Virtual ribbon controller with polyphonic aftertouch, as well as classic keyboard
  • Extensive MIDI Learn options
  • Powerful preset management system with new features. Save, share & edit presets
  • Tapedeck with loop, metronome, preroll, share, audio copy/paste & more

Pricing and Availability

Kauldron is available in the App Store for $3.99 (introductory price).

If you’ve used Kauldron, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

14 thoughts on “Kauldron ‘Smart Analog Modeling Synth’ For iOS Now Available

  1. I got Kauldron last night and used it on a track that was otherwise all OP1and it suprised me. Kauldrons drift in tuning, stereo imaging, and detailed thickness sounded super good. I don’t think they nailed the graphics at all and I barely care because they are nailing a certain sound!

  2. I didn’t care much for Kaspar but this one nailed it. Nice thickness and grit for an iOS synth. Not sure about the Spawn thing but the introductory price is cheap as. Arpeggiator is really feature full and nice. One of 5e best filters I’ve used on iOS as well. Good work Yonac.

  3. This things serious! As an owner of 5 Moog hardware synths I personally like the knobs on this app, and the sounds fit right in with the hardware. Its amazing the sounds coming out of telephones these days. Who woulda thunk in 1978 .. the year I bought my first Minimoog.

  4. This really looks like the workhorse AUv3 I’ve been waiting for. I’ve just been playing with the presets tonight and already have a strong suspicion that Kauldron + BeatMaker 3 is going to start taking a lot more of my iOS production time away from Gadget.

    1. Nope, and it doesn’t appear that pad x/y is exposed as either midi cc or a modulation destination. Which is really weird because as far as I can tell Yonic nailed soooo much with this monster. Seems like weird oversight.

      This this is begging for midi cc relative mode… no idea why iOS developers don’t offer midi relative mapping!!!

      With relative mapping, the Arturia minilab controller and this thing would be a rival for 1000’s of dollars in hardware.

      1. Ha, no, it happens on almost every poly preset with “voices” set more than 1 or 2.
        I guess is the CPU that cannot handle this new app…

  5. kauldron is a nice synth, and it is dead cheap. it works great on my ipad pro 2017 standalone, in audiobus and as AU.

    but before, i bought zeeon and moog model 15. stepping thru their presets, i felt instant inspiration and the urge to create. many of kauldron’s sounds, though, are pretty useless to me, most sound okay but not special. it does by far not sound as analogue as model 15, and not as sophisticated as zeeon. i started turning knobs – they did not talk to me, although featurewise everything is there. it is similar to magellan – another yonac synth that is nice but i do not use much. but maybe this is just me. or the imho unattractive UI is influencing me.

    i hope yonac will release some more inspiring sounds soon. i bet the synth can do it.

    anyway, buy it as long as it is still on sale and see for yourself.

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