Rob Papen Intros SubBoomBass 2

Rob Papen has released SubBoomBass 2, an update to his bass synthesizer for Mac & Windows.

Here’ds what he has to say about the update:

Its GUI (graphical user interface) has received a makeover for more comfortable control of
all features. SubBoomBass 2 still has its analogue modelled waveforms on board, but the sound
colour has been expanded with new spectrum waveforms, new creative ‘think out of the
box’ high quality samples and introducing Karplus-Strong string synthesis!

You will understand that these new features generate fresh and unheard-of sounds!

But there is more… An X/Y screen, a new pattern mode for running 4 sequences, and
just like in SubBoomBass 2 it has the easy to use Bank Manager with star feature, so that
you can quickly find and go to your favourite sounds straight away.

And yes, all the original SubBoomBass presets are on board!

This instrument is great for any style of contemporary music… any music styles including
video game music, film scores and anywhere you need a great bass and fresh sound!

Pricing and Availability

SubBoomBass 2 is available now for € 99 (including VAT) or US $99. An upgrade option and demo version are also available.

4 thoughts on “Rob Papen Intros SubBoomBass 2

    1. software synths and effects plug ins have become so good, todays current pc tech is struggling to run them in any great numbers unless you can afford a server.
      so to slate todays software synths is disingenuous at best.
      do they charge to much for the software as it will have no resale value in say 5 years:: yes they do but this is getting better to with companies like waves massively reducing their products cost .
      and hopefully with the new cheap roland boutiques and korgs monologue etc ,these other software companies will reduce their prices to as they will never be classic synths in the future and will be worth £0.00

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