Improvisation For Piano & iPad

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Yehezkel Raz, captures an improvisation for piano & iPad, Soul Diez Minor

Here’s what Raz has to say about the performance:

“It’s an improvisation i played on the piano, using iPad with AUM, Patterning, Ripplemaker, Animoog, Troublemaker, Crystalline, Reverb (Amazing Noises), and Odessa Bassline (from the new MIDI plugins suite for iOS).

I am using the built-in microphone of the iPad for capturing the piano sound – no sound card or any other gear used.”

8 thoughts on “Improvisation For Piano & iPad

  1. I thought that was a pretty amazing performance, such a great tune and beautiful demonstration of all those apps working together in real-time – – loved it!

  2. Your performance and concept are good– especially for an improvisation.

    I appreciate the demonstration of a very limited hardware setup. However, it should be mentioned that the built-in mic is convenient, and not terrible– but I never use it if I need frequency range, dynamic range, and clean sound.

    In this case, because you were getting a very effected piano sound (without a need for full-spectrum, full-dynamic-range sound) it worked for your purpose.

    I do wish Apple would include a better microphone (even if they had to make the iPad bigger). I also wish Apple would give users access to disabling the limiter and setting the level. Apple also could have included a DSP process to improve the mic’s sound.

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