Synthstrom Updates Deluge, Announces New Production Run

Synthstrom Audible has announced an update to its Deluge synthesizer, sampler & sequencer – and that they’ll have a new run of the device available on Friday, Dec 1st.

Here’s what’s new in Deluge firmware 1.3.0:

Deluge firmware 1.3.0 updates:

  • Undo / redo for editing and recording in track view
  • Function to clear current track
  • Arpeggiator for MIDI and CV tracks
  • Outputting of MIDI PGM change and bank select messages
  • Function to move track contents sideways
  • Quantize-level for note recording now has a menu setting
  • Basic slicer
  • When scrolling horizontally, your horizontal position is displayed numerically
  • Skip to higher song numbers more easily by turning the <> knob to select digit to edit
  • MIDI aftertouch (from external MIDI controllers) may be used as a modulation source
  • Envelope parameters (attack, etc.) may now have any of the modulation sources patched to them
  • Blinking play-cursor may be set to solid white rather than the abrupt flashing mode
  • Battery LED now blinks with increasing speed as battery becomes very flat
  • Incoming MIDI CC data (from external knobs) may now control multiple Deluge parameters per external knob

In addition to the updated firmware, Synthstrom has announced that they’ll have a new run of the Deluge available starting Dec 1, 2017. The Deluge will be selling for $899 USD plus shipping ($55 USD to most locations around the world). See the Synthstrom site for details.

13 thoughts on “Synthstrom Updates Deluge, Announces New Production Run

  1. oh no, déjà vu alarm! as with the circuit, without a display this thing is unuseable. i need at least a 16- characters 2-line lcd screen (jd-xi, mc-808). how do you name things without it? i´m sick and tired of companies that saved at the wrong place with their product specs. yeah, roland, i´m talking to you, too. get this: there´s currently no aira product available that comes with a display. wtf? wake up, it´s 2017, for god´s sake! people want screeeens!

    1. What kind of reaction is that? YOU miss the screen. Ok, that’s fine. It just means the product is not geared towards you, so maybe, you know, ‘don’t buy it’? It’s not like you are not spoiled for choice anyway.

      I for one am the other way around. I hate those tiny screens, and hate naming presets with encoders: select letter slot, turn the encoder endlessly through a bunch of needless characters, press, select another letter slot, rinse, repeat. I’m more like ‘this goes in this block of the grid. Bam! Done.’ But that’s just me, and you are you. So why do you expect product developers to cater exclusively to your taste? That’s not how things work in the real world.

      You might also ask yourself what made you post the comment you made in the first place. That would at least be productive in some way.

      If you periodically frequent this neck of the woods of the web, you probably have enough gear already, and if you don’t, then you are searching for the next tool for your music making endeavours, which this, clearly, it ain’t. Move along then, nothing to see here…

      By the way, this looks great, especially for folks searching for an all in one groove thingie that takes them off a computer for a while.

  2. I was so skeptical at first announcement, but this thing has turned out to be one of the best in this new generation of samplers. I am loving my digitakt, but I would be interested to try this thing out for a few hours.

  3. Even in a sampler, you hear the same drumkits! People love those analog kits for reals. I wonder if the trend will ever evolve and we see the day where we actually stopping accepting cowbells and noisy claps.

    But this thing does look good, like they build an older machine with no screen, like an electribe back in the dizzay. There was a time when no screens were awesome. Roland samplers, Yamaha samplers, the Akai S20, Zoom Sampletrax, etc. You dont always need a screen, but you cant expect a generation of smartphone users to devolve back to a rotary phone. Thats the disconnect.

  4. im wondering if they will make a MIDI only version… it doesnt even need to be much cheaper than this, i just have no interest in the sound engine

    might have to get one just for the MIDI side anyways… but ive got plenty of time to wait and see what happens next, sooooooooo… hmmmmmm

    decisions, decisions…

    1. I bought one, mainly for midi control of hardware, tried it, and haven’t picked it back up since. They have very little MIDI controlling functionality in it. Worst, you can only assign one MIDI channel per track, and by that I mean that if you assing MIDI Channel 1 to track one, YOU CANNOT assign MIDI Channel 1 to any other track. Well, actually you can, but they are automatically put into a group where only one of them can play at a time. So, you can switch between variations, but there is no way to layer multiple tracks. Which is bad for a synth, but a total fail for a drum machine.

      I think they are really focused on it as an all in one and not a midi controller.

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