Free VCV Rack Software Modular Synth Gets Ableton Link, Turing Machine Modules

Stellare Modular has released three new modules for VCV Rack, the free, multi-platform software modular synthesizer.

Music Thing Modular Turing Machine

The first module is a software version of the Music Thing Turing Machine, right.

The Turing Machine module for VCV Rack is based on the Eurorack original, designed by Music Thing Modular’s Tom Whitwell.

Stellare Modular created software versions of the main module and the two Mk2 expanders: Volts and Pulses.

The Turing Machine is designed to generate random voltages that can be looped and modulated via CV.

The software versions are based on the original schematics of the Mk2 modules.

Ableton Link Comes To VCV Rack

The second module, Link, is a very simple module which brings Ableton Link support to VCV Rack.

Link provides a ‘link’ connection within VCV Rack to Lin- enabled applications, like Ableton Live. It will also let you connect two or more VCV rack instances running on different computers, but are on the same WLAN or LAN.

In order to sync perfectly, the developers included an Offset control, so you can compensate for any latency introduced via the Link connection.

The module set also includes a Stellare Modular Blank Panel. The initial release includes binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux and works with VCV Rack 0.5.0.

Pricing and Availability

The Stellare Modular modules are available as free downloads from GitHub. If you use the modules, you’re encouraged to thank the developers with beer money via Paypal.

14 thoughts on “Free VCV Rack Software Modular Synth Gets Ableton Link, Turing Machine Modules

  1. i installed the Stellare modules but in VCV Rack i can’t find the Link module anywhere in the module browser. anybody able to get it working?

  2. Yeah no Link module. Also, someone finally do some proper tutorial on how to compile the uncompiled modules for Mac. Enough is enough, it is time to share the knowledge. I don’t want to spend a day messing around leaping from various incomplete bits of information on forums trying to “make” files.

    1. You need to right click on your Rack application and go to Show Package Contents. Navigate to Contents > Resources > plugins and paste the download in there. Load VCV Rack and the module should show up in your list.

    1. We are working on it! You can follow us on to see the progress. We are going to beta at the end of the month or so. If all goes well, we should have a small run for sale in a couple of months. We are building it as a small desktop unit so it can play with Volcas and Pocket Operators as well as racked modules.

  3. I love this format, but I find it confusing. I hope maintaining a collection of modules gets more user-friendly as the project continues.

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