New Erica Synths Eurorack Modules

This series of videos, created by Danny Kim of Distortion Productions, demos four recent modules from Erica Synths.

The first video demonstrates the Erica Synths Pico Mask module.

The Pico Mask is an advanced random CV module that samples and holds CV within a user-defined mask – the area between two incoming CV signals. This means that you will have some control over randomness.

The Pico Mask can play a key role in self-generating music, random patches, work as CV processor, waveshaper and bitcrusher.


  • User-Defined S&H Area: 2 CV inputs
  • External S&H Trigger
  • Two Manual Control Knobs to define S&H Parameters
  • 2 Selectable CV Distribution Mode Switches
  • S&H Trigger In/Out CV Control LEDs

The Erica Synths Pico Trigger to Gate module converts triggers to gates, using ‘smart algorithms’ that the company says ‘enhance your musical compositions and rhythm patterns’.

The module was created inspired by Ryoji Ikeda compositions.The module can turn a simple trigger sequencer into powerful musical pattern generator.


  • Manually and CV controlled gate length
  • Manually and CV controlled gate skipping probability
  • Triggered and Independent modes
  • Incoming trigger in and output gate control LEDs

The Erica Synths Black Modulator is an analog modulation and noise source.

It consists of an LFO/audio frequency oscillator with three simultaneous waveform outputs, a Zener diode-based noise generator with three noise flavors and a clockable S&H circuit.


  • LFO with sine, triangle and pulse outputs
  • LFO/Audio range switch
  • Zener diode-based noise generator for massive, full spectrum white noise
  • Pink noise filter
  • Noise crush knob and crushed noise output – fade from 1 bit noise to individual random trigger bursts
  • Clockable sample and hold circuit.
  • S&H circuit based on a rare, high quality S&H chip S&H CV and clock inputs

The last video takes a look at the Erica Synths Sequential Switch V2 + CV Expander.

The Sequential Switch is unique module that allows you to sequence up to eight sound sources in advanced ways or route one sound source sequentially to eight different sound modifiers – VCFs, waveshapers, VCAs, etc.\

Details on each of the modules are available at the Erica Synths site.

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  1. Name dropping Ryoji Ikeda is a good way to get my attention.

    Before this I would have said I don’t need a trigger-to-gate module since I use a lot of MIDI sequencing anyway, but now I’m thinking about the possibilities.

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