Hollywood Choirs A Blockbuster-Style Choir That Can Sing Anything You Want

EastWest has introduced Hollywood Choirs, a new virtual ‘blockbuster’ choir that can sing any text that you like.

“This is the third choir EastWest/Quantum Leap has recorded,” says EastWest producer Doug Rogers.  “We learnt a lot from the previous productions and Hollywood Choirs is the culmination of that experience. In particular, the choirs’ ability to sing any word or phrase has been significantly improved, resulting in more realism; and there are many more sound options to enable the user to sculpt the sound to their requirements.”

WordBuilder lets you type in any word or phrase and have it sung by the choir. 26 additional phonemes were recorded for Hollywood Choirs compared to it’s predecessor Symphonic Choirs, resulting in improved realism and support for more languages. You can now sync WordBuilder to your DAW so it follows the track.

Hollywood Choirs is available in three editions:

  • Diamond Edition of Hollywood Choirs contains approximately 59 GB of 24-bit, 44.1 khz samples, featuring 5 Microphone Mixes: Main, Close, Stage, Mid, and Surround.
  • Gold Edition of Hollywood Choirs contains 8 GB of 16-bit, 44.1 khz samples, featuring the Main Microphone Mix.
  • ComposerCloud Gold X Edition of Hollywood Choirs is 16 GB of 16-bit, 44.1 khz samples, featuring the Main and Surround Microphone Mixes.

Pricing and Availability

Hollywood Choirs is available now, priced starting at US $499 for the Gold Edition.

17 thoughts on “Hollywood Choirs A Blockbuster-Style Choir That Can Sing Anything You Want

  1. This is really cool in my opinion,i really could use this.
    but the price is a joke ,proving making music is for rich geeks.
    come on east west reduce your ridiculous prices ,before the hackers target you .
    make a budget version for the billions of poor people !

    1. Right on! How are we penniless producers supposed to make Trance, House, Techno, Trap, etc music without a full choir! Ridiculous. Going on strike immediately.

    2. I don’t begrudge them charging what they want for it.

      Any product involves balancing costs like raw materials, internet bandwidth, development time/effort/skill, advertising, and user support against market size (how many people need it & buy it).

      This one is a little weird because that promo made it seem like they were marketing to the masses (not a very professional teaser, IMHO). But they priced it more like a pro library.

      It would be interesting to know more about that process of deciding how much to charge for these kinds of things. If and when I ever needed this, I’d easily pay their asking price.

      It would be interesting to hear it do more sensitive quiet passages, and not just these gladiator things. There’s not much mention of dynamics.

    3. Thy aren’t making this for you. I agree that it sucks that it’s so insanely expensive, but EastWest targets scoring and professionals with these products. Those folks don’t generally pirate software because of the liability.

      You could try their subscription options to use some of their other instruments and see if it’s worth saving up.

  2. There is something about the tone in the narrators voice to me that makes the whole video seem like a parody. But it’s not. Anyone else?

    1. Yea. I get that. Also, that guy’s amazed expressions “Wow! This is so awesome! Prepare for battle! I can’t wait to show my friends!!” Then he puts on his VR goggles. Hilarious.

      The other thing that struck me as parody was the “Now with better singers!” The singers on the original project hang their heads while we hear a sad trombone cue. “Wah waaah.” They’re like, “Hey, I had cold that day!”

  3. $599 for the full diamond version is not expensive. It’s a top of the line professional choirs package. Try renting out a scoring stage and a bunch of union musicians for $600…

  4. Yeah, the video is a little ‘salesy’, but this sounds straight up amazing.

    Re the price – A virtual instrument like this has to be priced like it is, because there will be a limited number of people that need to put a virtual blockbuster choir on their track, but the creators still have to hire the choir, do the programming etc.

    More than you want to pay? Yes. Overpriced? No.

  5. The video is a little touch hipster campy, just a wee bit for effect it seems. At least they didn’t go all in with the smirking by starting it with the cliched movie trailer line: “IN A WORLD…”

  6. I would love for someone to make a lead vocal box that responds to text. It could have say 100 or more male and female vocals, choirs, harmonies. Never have to deal with another lead vocalist again!! wooo hooo!!!

  7. I don’t like the way it sounds. For one thing, when someone invents a program like this, they always have loud instruments playing with it. Why? Because they know the voices don’t sound real, so they turn up the instruments to cover up the voices.

    I can’t even determine what the virtual choir is singing. The lyrics aren’t even decipherable. Sorry!

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