Abstract Electronic Music With A Moog Model D & A TASCAM Portastudio

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Collin James Diederich (aka¬†Robotboot) shared this music video for an ‘abstract electronic’ track, created with a Moog Minimoog Model D & a 4-track TASCAM Portastudio.

Here’s what¬†Diederich has to say about it:

This is a song and video I made incorporating 4 takes that I played separately on a Moog Model D (even for the chords) and then used a camera feedback process to create the video.

I first tuned the 3 oscillators on the Model D to make a chord. I then found a simple progression and played it on the 1st track of the tape.

The 2nd track was a single oscillator low passed and played along with the cords, trying to match the feeling of the first track that was played to no clock or any timing.

The 3rd and 4th track are a mix of white noise and a resonating filter, being modulated, filling out the vibe of the song.

All of the tracks where then live mixed and sent through 2Mmoog MF-104 delay pedals, with the second delay in feedback insert of the first delay.


11 thoughts on “Abstract Electronic Music With A Moog Model D & A TASCAM Portastudio

    1. In short you plug a camera video out into a monitor so it is displaying what you are filming, Then you point the camera at the monitor. Different cameras/monitor pairings have a huge effect of the results. I still have all my old cameras and those work better for this then new ones. You need to have manual control over the cameras/monitor to create and endless feedback loop. It comes alive.

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