New Browser-Based MIDI Sequencer, MODUL

Gibbon Digital has introduced Modul, a new web-based MIDI step sequencer.

Because Modul is web-based, it runs on any device with Chrome support. The developers note, though, that the current version of Modul is for desktop use primarily, and that they plan native apps for iOS and Android.


  • Web-based, runs in Chrome
  • Send MIDI note or CC values per step
  • Set MIDI channel per step and per track
  • Mute tracks
  • Adjust the number of steps per track (great for polyrhythm)
  • Send MIDI clock
  • Load/Save session

Pricing and Availability:

Access to Modul is currently available through Patreon, starting at 1$/month. See the site for details.

One thought on “New Browser-Based MIDI Sequencer, MODUL

  1. There’s that use of “polyrhythm” again.

    It must be very difficult to change the step rate per track. Seems like it’s rare. But THAT is the easiest & best way to make polyrhythms.

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