Mikron Cascade ‘The Perfect Tool To Create Atmospheric, Ambient & Drone Soundscapes”

112dB has introduced Mikron Cascade – a new effect, for Mac & Windows, designed to make it easy to create ambient soundscapes.

Mikron Cascade diffuses any sound input into a ‘sound cloud’. The fine-tuned delay models are specifically designed to create organic cinematic atmospheres.


  • Densify any signal up to 5832 times, and turn a succession of sounds into colored noise
  • Carefully designed delay network can add a ‘pleasant complexity’ to the sound over time
  • 6 different delay network models (fine-tuned and adapted to hearing)
  • Freeze shortcut to build up ambient sound spheres
  • Spin function for a subtle pitch modulation that adds movement to the delays
  • Tone function to zoom in on certain frequencies in the feedback loop

Pricing and Availability

Mikron Cascade is available now for US $29. A demo version is also available.

3 thoughts on “Mikron Cascade ‘The Perfect Tool To Create Atmospheric, Ambient & Drone Soundscapes”

  1. Sounds really good and that price is fantastic. They also released Mikron delay a BBD-tape-dub siren versatle delay. Same great price until the end of the month. I’m going to pick up both for my ambient compositions.

  2. I purchased this at its introductory pricing. My sonic creations are based on drone according to my own need for constant background soundscapes. It did not take long for me to hear the results. This plugin offers something unique and special for drone creators that want to manipulate highly subtle fluctuations in sound. I was able to introduce small bits of evolving drone tonal textures to tracks that I already made. This added hints of interesting drone variance that is of main concern. There is so much drone produced these days that do little to expand the mind into new spaces as top drone creations do. Thus, I am particular of what tools I use; but this is a keeper for me.

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