Korg Collection Updated With ARP Odyssey

Korg has updated its Korg Legacy Collection soft synth collection for Mac & Windows, adding a software version of the ARP Odyssey.

Released in 2004, the KORG Legacy Collection was a pioneer of software synthesizers. Now in 2017, we are proud to announce the release of the updated KORG Collection for Mac/Win featuring the addition of the ARP ODYSSEY.

Korg Legacy Collection was originally introduced in 2004, and Korg says that “Some features widely requested by users will be added to the KORG Collection in future updates. We plan to support AAX format and refine the user interface on a large-scale among other improvements, but until then we hope you love all the new features so far and enjoy making music with the KORG Collection of synthesizers offered by KORG.”

The new software addition in this release, the ARP Odyssey, was based on ‘KARP Odyssey’, reintroduced by Korg in 2015, with the guidance of Odyssey designer, David Friend.

VIdeo Intro:

Audio Demos:

Korg has also announced that it is terminating support for some features of Korg User Net, and that users of Korg Legacy Collection should update to Korg Collection:

For Current Users of KORG Legacy Collection: Announcement of Server Migration Accompanying Partial Termination of Service

We will soon be migrating our server to KORG ID and KORG Shop along with the partial termination of service of KORG USER NET. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that KORG Legacy Collection users may experience. We request that you follow the instructions on the page below to complete the migration procedures. Using the coupon code which will be issued, you will be able to switch from the KORG Legacy Collection series to KORG Collection.

KORG Legacy Collection – Special Bundle users will be able to add ARP ODYSSEY and upgrade to the “KORG Collection – Special Bundle” by using the coupon code (at a special price of US $49.99).


Pricing and Availability

Korg Collection is available now for US $149 (intro price, normally $249. Upgrades and other options are also available.

34 thoughts on “Korg Collection Updated With ARP Odyssey

  1. On my 2017 iMac with logic X the Korg Legacy Collection Wavestation plugin is so buggy, it’s almost unusable. It hasn’t seen a bugfix since 2013!!!! So I hope that the $50 update fixes the bugs and I’m looking forward to get a 2017 UI overhaul because I love the Wavestation!

    If you purchased the update is the Wavestation plugin in the new bundle is it still version 1.7.0??

    1. What is buggy with the Wavestation? Maybe a High Sierra issue? Did you file a support request with Korg? They are usually responding and try to help as good as they can.

      1. ???? You mean like they respond years later for the request of dozens of users on making bigger GUI for the legacy products? Basically saying “we will do something about it..”

        1. Errrrr … sorry, but while a bigger GUI might be very welcome, it certainly is not something that I would call “buggy”. In my opinion, the Odyssey is already showing a new design philosophy and I hope it will be adapted for the other synths.
          Apart from this, the Wavestation (as well as the M1 etc.) are outstanding synths and very affordable compared to e.g. Roland Cloud offerings etc. So yes, a bigger GUI would be nice, but … no, not buggy over here but very useful!

    2. Korg recently issued an update for High Sierra users: I have no problems with the Legacy Collection and Logic. Could you specify the errors you get from the Wavestation?

      1. I’ll try the update. I’ll report if that solves the issues for me. Thanks for your feedback! I love to layer the single sounds in the Wavestation plugin to get super interesting hybrids…

  2. The migration procedure is TOTALLY buggy from yesterday up until this moment. I hope this gets resolved really soon. Completely discouraging…is anyone else out there experiencing problems as well?

    1. yep, migration seems to be broken:
      Microsoft VBScript runtime error ‘800a01f4’
      Variable is undefined: ‘flagLan’
      /asp/coupon.asp, line 240

    2. Can’t get it to work either. Have 3 products in my cart and can’t apply coupon codes or even go to checkout stage. What a mess…

      1. I have the same issue. I hope Korg fixes that so I can migrate and update my software. They probably have a lot of traffic. I have no choice but to try again later.

  3. KORG wrote on Facebook that they are trying to fix the server issues which everyone seems to experience when trying to migrate. Obviously, there is unexpectedly high traffic and a new system, which does not seem to be the best combination.

  4. The upgrade/migration went smoothly for me and I then purchased the Oddesey – which is a great addition. It’s nice to see Korg supporting this tho, c’mon people, its time to make the GUI resizable like Arturia did.

  5. Agreed – resizable GUIs are a must these days due to the improved graphics and larger screens. Especially on synthgraphics that want to look like the real thing.
    (Not to mention the fact that when you’re pushing 60 you will love to still being able to edit your stuff – yup, we old guys still buy software. Most of us can afford it too. To you young people: It’s the only advantage of getting older.. the rest of it is crap.)

    1. Korg is really adept turning their hardware to software. Even their iOS apps are stellar as not only the sound is spot on but they take advantage of the Touch interface cleverly. I only wish they’d update them more often.

  6. Does the Legacy collection synths share the same code as their IOS counterparts? I’m wondering because I always found iMS-20 to sound much better and authentic than the VST, especially the filter, as if they are two completely different code base.

    1. I agree, to me the IOS versions sound sonically superior, almost different entirely in parts as you have mentioned. I’m actually torn with either buying the IOS versions whilst they are on sale or wait for this update

  7. Korg SERIOUSLY messed up my account … I am a legal/registered user of all of their software on korg.user.net for a long time now …. i have both the Legacy collection (MonoPoly, Polysix, MS20, MDE-X and the Legacy software that combines all these in real time), plus M1 and Wavestation. Now all i see is M1, Wavestation and MDE-X …. under my name …. ALL others are GONE !!!! …..??? …??? … ??? …

  8. I was able to migrate, but there was no bundle migration code so I had to purchase each plugin in its own transaction with separate codes. To top it off there was no Odyssey coupon in my account. I emailed support so we’ll what comes of that. Not impressed so far.

    1. Follow up for those who are interested: Korg responded to my support request and fixed my license issues and provided me with the Odyssey upgrade coupon. All is good now.

  9. Migration worked (slowly), but nothing changed… No better sounds, no better GUI. I can’t even read the Mono/Poly lay-out on my 27-inch screen.

  10. Update: everything worked for me now. Smooth process via the migration assistant. And it seems that when you go ahead and register one of the items, all of them get register along side. No more registering each one with the old KorgUserGroup method which was tedious.

    Now on with the 2017 facelifts for the products to get them in line with Oddessy.
    Thanks Korg! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

  11. Not buying anymore korg apps until they can send midi out. Really wanted to use the ims-20 sequencer with the ms-20 mini hardware and other hardware synths.

  12. That’s a great news. Unfortunately Korg didn’t email me with this news. Luckily by chance, I was looking to update all the softwares and I noticed this new version in their Korg User.net. I got migrated free of cost. But was hoping I would get ARP Odyssey included in the migrated upgrade.

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