Zoom H2N Updated With Spatial Audio Support

Zoom has announced the release of Firmware 3.0 for the Zoom H2N portable digital audio recorder.

With this update, you can use the H2n as a Spatial Audio supported USB microphone. By using with a 360-degree camera, you can deliver 360-degree VR live streaming, which moves the audio image along with movement of viewpoint on Facebook and YouTube.

Here’s what’s new in the latest Zoom H2N firmware:

  • Added 4ch input multitrack mode when connected as a USB audio interface.
  • Added the function that accepts input in SPATIAL AUDIO format when used in multitrack mode.

The update is a free download from the Zoom site.

5 thoughts on “Zoom H2N Updated With Spatial Audio Support

  1. “* Please refer to page 84 of the H2n operation manual for how to update the firmware”

    Not kidding, my OEM operation manual H2n_operationManual_English.pdf is exactly 48 pages long. There is no page 84. WTF guys. Are you trolling your loyal long term users? Why would you do that?

  2. OK, it’s like this, which they totally don’t explain.

    Remove the SD card from the H2N. Put it in your computer’s SD card slot. Copy H2NMAIN.BIN to the root directory. Replace in the H2N and connect it to USB bus power using a USB cable since battery power is not good enough. Turn the H2N on WHILE holding the upper scroll button. When it boots, select the choice to update. and press that key. Wait. Now it’s updated.

  3. It’s page 84 of the new pdf manual which is included with the download, not the paper manual.

    And just clarify a couple things: you don’ t have to remove the SD card, you can alternatively connect the H2n to your USB port, and select SD Card Reader on the H2n. Then copy the .bin file to the SD card that way.

    You press and hold “PLAY” on the unit while you power up. (That might be the same thing as “upper scroll button” but I didn’t readily recognize what you were referring to.).

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