Silent Night, Multidimensional Night

This pair of videos captures a couple of performances that explore the capabilities of the new Synthesis Technology E370 Quad Morphing VCO, designer Paul Schreiber’s ginormous new uber-VCO.

In the first video, synthesist Steve Bryson explores using the E370 Quad Morphing VCO as a 4-voice synthesizer, using MPE controlled by a Roli Rise 49. The E370 is being used as the only sound generator, with timbral variations created using expressive control of the oscillator.

Here’s what Bryson has to say about the technical details:

This was recorded live, no filtering of the E370, with a phaser, convolution reverb and delay in post processing. The only sound generator is the E370.

The 4 voices of the 370 are identical, in 4-voice cloud + morph mode. The MIDI signals from the Rise are converted into control voltages using an Encore Expressionist (8 CVs + 4 gates) and the CV Toolkit software (6 CVs) for a total of 14 CVs and 4 gates.

Each of the 4 voices has 3 independent CVs controlling pitch, volume from MIDI velocity, and cloud spread from the Roli Rise glide (finger position from the front and back). One additional CV controlling overall volume is controlled by an expression pedal, and the last CV from a slider on the Rise controls the morph waveform, which is the same for all 4 voices. In addition the waveform is morphed around the value set by the slider by a slow LFO triangle wave. The note dynamics are controlled by 4 ADSR envelopes triggered by the 4 gates.

The second video explores the same  basic patch, but explores creating extreme pitch and timbral modulations of the individual VCO voices.

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I got a two roli seaboard blocks for Christmas. Nice job on the black panel too. I also backed mine with the black panel option, can’t wait until Paul gets to my backer number and ships!

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