Expressive Performance With GECO MIDI & Leap Motion Controller

Brend Keul recorded this expressive virtual violin performance, using a GECO MIDI, the Leap Motion Controller and Chris Hein Solo Violin Kontact instrument.

In his second video, Keul gives a technical demonstration of how he uses the Leap Motion as an expressive controller:

via Geert Bevin

6 thoughts on “Expressive Performance With GECO MIDI & Leap Motion Controller

  1. That Chris Hein solo violin sound is impressive!

    The track overall is lovely. What a nice little thing.

    Some of the dynamics with the violin performance are a little over the top, and not something I’d expect from a real violinist, but otherwise, its impeccable.

  2. I like that it doesn’t sound exactly like a violin. You hear it and it sounds like it’s probably an acoustic instrument but you can’t quite identify it. I call that success. We have plenty of actual violinists.

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