Novation Circuit Sound Design

This video, via Miles Cosmo, takes a look at look at sound design with the Novation Circuit.

In a broader sense, though, the video looks at making the Circuit your own – creating a library of custom patches and samples, and tweaking the macro knobs to work the way you want them to. 

If you’ve got your own approach to tailoring the Circuit to your needs, share your thoughts in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Sound Design

  1. Sweet. I’ve been sitting on the fence for a while about the Circuit. Hoping that there’s a Circuit 2 released at NAMM in a couple of weeks so I can pick up the original for less.

    1. It’s my favorite pice of equipment I’ve ever owned. Well worth it and can be scored quite cheaply on eBay.

  2. without a display: completely unuseable imo. why, for god´s sake, haven´t they built in a decent screen, just like korg did with their electribes? sorry, novation, change the cumbersome workflow first by implementing a display into an upgraded circuit edition. then–and ONLY then–i might be interested. oh, and btw, i´m not alone. here´s the verdict of music radar:
    “Cons: Without a screen, editing can get a touch confusing.”
    novation has to change this immediately imo.

    1. harald

      You seem to have a problem with reading comprehension.

      The verdict that link you shared was for Music Radar giving the circuit a 4.5 out of 5, ‘must-try’ rating.


    2. It’s still baffles, Harold, how long you’ve carried this grudge. I had no idea making music with one’s eyes is so important. Too bad those 303, 808, 909 boxes never had screens. Maybe they wouldn’t have been “useless” either.

      Tens of thousands of people happily making real music with this screenless box. Enough already.

  3. I love the circuit and am so happy I got it. I have to agree with the must have a screen camp though. I just hate having to remember which one of the buttons I have to select for a different session. I always have to do it by selecting each button and then seeing what BPM a particular session is. Also, not knowing what the knobs may be assigned to gets to be a nuisance. I do appreciate the streamlined and economical design philosophy but a screen on a circuit 2 would surely be welcome. It wouldn’t distract or detract one bit to the essence of what circuit is. The circuit is amazing for all that it is to be sure. Yeah, a second one would be most welcomed indeed!

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