Waverazor Update Adds Linux Support & New Audio Mangling Options

MOK has updated Waverazor, adding Linux support, Audio Input and more.

Waverazor is described as ‘a futuristic synth that slices waveforms into aggressive new sounds.’ It’s based on an oscillator design that slices individual waveforms into up to 16 slices, and then lets you modulate each of the slices individually.

Here’s what MOK’s Taiho Yamada has to say about the Waverazor 1.0.4:

This version includes Linux support, and we’re incredibly excited to finally offer Waverazor to this vibrant music community.

We’ve also activated the Audio Input. Yes, now you can use Waverazor to slice up pretty much anything you want. 🙂 Just choose Audio Input as the source in any wave segment(s) and turn up the input level on the left. (If you have a DAW that only allows audio input to an effect plugin, we’ve got that covered as well with WaverazorFX, included in the installer.)

This will be our last update before we release our Sound Design Editor version. At that point, our introductory sale pricing will end and Waverazor will cost $150 USD, but anyone who buys before then will get the editor update for free. Big thanks to all our extremely patient early adopters! The editor version is nearly here…

For all the latest Waverazor news (and sneak previews) be sure to follow MOK on Facebook and Twitter. You can sign up for our email list at MOK.com. And keep an eye out for our NAMM announcements in the next few weeks. MOK will be showing at the Tracktion booth #14019 in the brand new pro audio hall. See you there!

New Features in v1.0.4:

  • Linux VST is now supported
  • Audio Input is now available in the Wave selections for each segment
  • A new WaverazorFX plugin is now included for all formats. This is an Effect category plugin, so it can be loaded in effects slots, which is a workaround for DAWs that don’t allow synth plugins to be loaded in effect slots
  • Audio Input Level, Audio Output Level, and Arpeggiator On/Off are now enabled for automation
  • Language translation updates for Japanese, courtesy of Yasuo Matsunaka
  • Hieroglyphic font support has been added
  • Beta language additions for Thai and Tamil
  • All Themes have been refined for better and sharper colors, and several new themes have been added
  • Quick Start Guides (English and Japanese) have been updated for the latest supported plugin formats and installation notes for Linux.

Details on Waverazor are available at the MOK site.

2 thoughts on “Waverazor Update Adds Linux Support & New Audio Mangling Options

  1. Love it. At first I didn’t realize how deep you could get into it and the interface seemed a bit harsh looking to my taste, but I have used it quite a bit and find it a lot of sonic fun. I am usually chopping things up into small bpm increments in SF, so this has been kind of just another wacky extension of what I do most of the time with all my samples anyway.

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