Sonicware ELZ_1 Synthesizer Coming To 2018 NAMM Show

Sonicware has announced that it will be introducing the ELZ_1 synthesizer at the 2018 NAMM Show.

The Sonicware ELZ_1 synthesizer offers multiple sound engines:

  • FM SYNTH (4 operators with feedback and detuning)
  • 8BIT WAVE MEMORY SYNTH (waveform editing and morphing with FM mode)
  • DNA EXPLORER (extract and generate waveforms from audio)
  • SiGRINDER (granular synthesizer engine)
  • STANDARD OSC (sin, square, triangle and saw waves)
  • LOW-BIT OSC (sin, square, triangle and saw waves)

Demo videos are available at the Sonicware site.

Pricing and availability are still to be announced.

11 thoughts on “Sonicware ELZ_1 Synthesizer Coming To 2018 NAMM Show

  1. wow want to see a demo – I am intrigued
    update: there are demo videos on the site, it looks awesome -now I just want to know $$$

  2. There are sound examples on their website. Sounds pretty interesting, especially the granular synth. If it happens to fall in line with the OP-1, not a bad thing, having a portable, small device that gives you multiple synth engines to work from and FX. It does sound a bit bright but nothing is wrong with that if some unique sounds are coming out of it.

    1. I think they humbly bowed out a while ago. Unless they pop up with the very strange OPZ and release it to a very odd audience of music/video producers, this thing could do well depending on the price. OP-1 released at about 900 bucks. Hope this thing is solid when its release time.

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