Playtime Engineering Intros Blipblox Audio Exploration Module

Ahead of the 2018 NAMM Show, Playtime Engineering has introduced the Blipblox Audio Exploration Module – a synthesizer designed with kids in mind.

The Blipblox is a synthesizer beatbox that has been simplified and optimized so everyone, including children as young as 3 years old, can enjoy synthesizer audio exploration. Instead of generic keyboard sounds, the Blipblox uses a proprietary algorithm that synthesizes unique waveforms.

Blipblox Intro Video:


  • MIDI input for an external keyboard or sequencer controller.
  • Eight unique oscillator modulation schemes.
  • One Low Pass Filter.
  • Two Envelope Generators.
  • Two LFOs.
  • 3-in/3-out modulation matrix.
  • Performance Mode optimizes device display for music production.
  • Audio Output jack.

Pricing and availability is to be announced.

24 thoughts on “Playtime Engineering Intros Blipblox Audio Exploration Module

  1. I think synthesisers are for adult kids, not young ones. I’m somehow sure young kids will lose interest in this toy rather quickly and prefer to go out and discover the real world. We adults should learn not to project our ideas and desires onto children. Children are in a quite different world. Discovering new things. Language, behaviour, affection, etc. Plastic toys and synthetic sounds are not the right educational tool. When your kids are over a certain age, maybe 15 or so, you may buy them a synthesiser, a computer, and all that stuff. Not earlier.

    1. My 2 year old loves messing with my music toys. I didn’t project it on him. He saw me doing it and wanted a go. They all involve knobs, buttons, lights and noises. Pretty engaging stuff for a child I’d say especially when so many kids toys are all about that kind of stuff. His toys just make more animal noises than mine.

    2. Im guessing you’re not a parent (no offense). But speaking as a dad, my kids would love this thing. We have few keyboards of varying quality and they rock them.

      1. The sound is a bit harsh and 8-bit, kids now have been exposed to much softer and more melodic intervals. Not sure if an analog-ish sound aesthetic was ideal. Maybe more Dx7-style tones would be more pleasing to ears. The auto-rhythm knob that syncs the beat is really great, just thinking maybe the tones can be a bit off-putting. Still an amazing effort and worth exploring deeper. I would buy one either way.

    3. And why can’t that discovery of new things include sound and music? This is a lot different that plopping a kid in front of a TV or handing them an iPad. It encourages interaction and gives feedback. I’d never isolate a child to just this toy but to imply it is somehow a negative thing underestimates the creative element.

      Take a look at some of the Moog videos where young children get hands on experience with synthesizers. You’d be surprised how engaged they become.

    4. I have a little friend of about 3.5 who makes a beeline for my gear every time the family visits and has distinct preferences on which ones sound best. I always knew one day I’d meet a girl who shared my love of the 303.

  2. A kid’s toy with MIDI in and a mod matrix? This is market research and public beta before working on the Blipblox Pro. 🙂

  3. As a professional toy designer I’ve tried to get the big companies to make one of these for years. Always met with resistance since it hadn’t been done before. (American companies are always very conservative and resistant to innovation) Maybe this will open the doors to some of the other concepts that have been shelved. i once worked on a programmable analog drum machine/sampler that would have been killer…even for the kids!


  4. As a Grandfather of three children under the age of four this is perfect. My grown sons would’ve loved a toy like this as children. I will definitely be getting one for the grand kids (and me) to play with when they visit. They already love messing with all the other noize toyz I have. This adds a whole other dimension to the mix.

  5. I’m a father of twin girls who are now 10. From very little, one is into making music and the other can’t stand it all. I’ve never forced anything on my children, but there is no harm having musical instruments around so that the child that is drawn to that kind of thing, has the option of exploring music making/playing for themselves. If this ‘toy’ is not too expensive then it could be just the thing to spark that interest…… and as a music maker myself, it’s nice to have something like this that you can just switch on and get an idea going within seconds!!! So if the kids don’t pick it up….. I’ll be looking to see if it can be modded or ‘bent’ in some form!!!

  6. We are targeting a price of $159 for the Blipblox, with availability around Summer, 2018. We will be doing an early pre-sale around Spring. Sign up with your email at to stay up to date with the latest details. Thanks for the good discussion and your interest.

    -Troy Sheets
    Founder, Playtime Engineering

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