Teenage Engineering Intros New Pocket Operators

At the 2018 NAMM Show, Teenage Engineering has introduced two new Pocket Operators.

The PO-33 K.O! is a micro sampler, with 40 second sample memory and built-in recording microphone. It lets you sample any sound source, using line in or the built-in microphone.

Melodic mode lets you play chromatic melodies and drum mode lets you play drums. sequence it all and add effects on top.

The PO-35 speak is a vocal synthesizer and sequencer, with 8 different voice characters. built-in microphone for recording your own phrases.

PO-35 speak is based on linear predictive coding and was programmed by magnus lidström. use the built in microphone to instantly record your own voice, and completely change its character. play with it, sequence it and add effects and drums on top.

17 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering Intros New Pocket Operators

  1. TE really need to make more easy-to-use versions of the Operators! They are devilish to work with in my experience… and should have nicer pads or keystrips or something! I find the buttons hard to use in correct time and i feel it is not quite sturdy enough for live performances! They should make versions more on the scale and price of the volcas I say! That would be absolutely amazing, for the features already present in the low cost versions.

    let’s say, a 150-200$ version that has small pads or keystrips (whatever matches each version) and a few buttons knobs and toggles/selectors, with patch memories and sample and sequence memory??? That would sell like crazy i bet ya.

      1. The iPad is very well sold. Besides an app like Werkbenck also works at iPad 2 models which you can obtain for about $100 or even cheaper.

  2. Based on the video demo I just watched, I dunno but maybe I am missing something? What can this pocket thing do that my pocket thing called an iPhone running a variety of awesome apps can’t do better? (Been using my iPhones as samplers/recorders since my old 3Gs days).

    I guess maybe actually twisting knobs is kind of a cool? JMO but I’d rather trade that tactile feature for the sheer versatility of apps and sounds and power that my iPhone gives me. No disrespect to anyone but seriously what am I missing here? Curious.

    1. The feel of it basically. And the fact it’s 100% ready to go all the time provided it’s powered. Your question is a bit like “why do I need to use a guitar when I can already have guitar sample libraries and sequencers that can skip the usage of a guitar and sound convincingly realistic?” or “Why do people still use drums when drum samples actually sound pretty much like the original and you don’t need to carry a whole drum set around?” or “Why do you need a bass when you can get an octave pedal?” or “Why do I need a pedalboard when I can just use a single digital pedal?” or “Why do I even need pedals at all when I can use virtual pedals and an iPad or a laptop?”. No solution is right, people just use whatever they feel more comfortable with. Music is not about an “universal answer”.

  3. what can this thing do what my ipad cannot? what my studio cannot? come on, guys, it is the fun of using it. carrying it along. getting past the limitations of the UI. limitation – in the right hands – is a concept that boosts creativity.

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