6 thoughts on “Elektron Digitone Audio Demo

  1. dear elektron, please enable users to back up their projects on the digitakt and the digitone via usb.
    I wont buy hardware i can’t back up and reload my projects on.

    1. everybody knows that there are working on, give them time these are new products and we all know elektron for years… they will satisfy you after years with cool updates…

  2. Sounds very, very good. Glad I sold my DX200 a few years ago (and never bought some other vintage Yamaha FM box to fill its place) because this is probably going to be “the” FM synth to own. They posted an interesting interview with John Chowning recently too.

    1. Why would it need CV? For one thing it’s not analogue. There are eight knobs, almost every single important parameter is lockable to the sequencer and it has two freely assignable LFOs.

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