Logic Pro X Updated With Smart Tempo & New Effects

Apple today announced an update to Logic Pro X, featuring new tempo detection technology and a number of new effect plug-ins.

Smart Tempo is a new tempo detection technology that automatically manages tempo across all the content in a project. Smart Tempo gives users the freedom to record naturally without a metronome or click track, yet still have their performance stay in sync with any other tempo-based content or features in a project.

It’s also easy to combine recordings from different sources with varying tempos, making it a valuable tool for electronic musicians who create remixes and mashups.

New Effect Plug-Ins

  • The ChromaVerb plug-in adds space and depth to tracks with a colorful, interactive interface.
    ChromaVerb is an advanced new algorithmic reverb plug-in with a colorful interactive interface that allows users to add space and depth to tracks and simulate a wide range of acoustic spaces, including Rooms, Chambers, Theaters, Halls and more.
  • The Vintage EQ plug-in features sought after hardware EQs from the 1950s to 1970s.
    Vintage EQ features three plug-ins authentically modeled after some of the most sought after hardware EQs from the 1950s to 1970s — Vintage Graphic EQ, Vintage Tube EQ and Vintage Console EQ.
  • Step FX adds rhythmic multi-effect processing using three powerful step sequencers and an X/Y pad.
  • Phat FX is a new multi-effect that adds warmth, punch and presence to synths, guitar, bass and drums.

Logic Pro X also includes a variety of new content, including two Drummers that play roots and jazz-influenced brush styles, two vintage brush kits for the Drum Kit Designer feature, more than 800 additional loops and a new library for Alchemy synths with 150 cinematic presets.

Pricing and Availability

Logic Pro X 10.4 is available today as a free update for all existing users, and is available on the Mac App Store for $199.99 (US) for new customers.

3 thoughts on “Logic Pro X Updated With Smart Tempo & New Effects

  1. Looks like some great new features. I downloaded it last night.

    Note: After I did the update the new effects showed up but there were no presets. I then downloaded the “Essential Sounds and Instruments” and the presets showed up.

  2. Oh my:

    Mellotron Strings A&B an octave apart. Add Chromaverb Big Wave preset. Result: Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares. Hours later…..

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