Korg Prologue Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Overview & Demo

At the 2018 NAMM Show, Korg introduced the Prologue, a multi-voice, multi-timbre, multi-engine polyphonic analog synthesizer.

Here’s an overview and hands-on demo from product Nick Kwas, from the NAMM Show floor.

Pricing and Availability

The Korg Prologue 8 & 16 voice models will be available in January 2018 for $1,499.99 and $1,999.99, respectively. See the Korg site for more info.

12 thoughts on “Korg Prologue Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Overview & Demo

  1. I miss the days when the big synth makers had actual players doing their demos. Last NAMM I went to it was Steve Pocaro and Jeff Lorber at the Yamaha Booth, Tom Coster at the Moog booth, Scott Wilke at Roland, and Chuck Leavell at Korg. These guys were real players who inspired us. These days most of these synth reps just make me wanna go back to guitar 🙁

    1. Whenever I’ve seen big name players at NAMM, whether Keith Emerson or The Crystal Method, it’s been painfully obvious that they had no clue about how the new gear worked.

      Let us see what it can do and people with musical imagination can figure out the rest.

    2. This.
      Demos always let you down, that’s why I mostly ignore them: I usually wait for either Sweetwater or Kraft Music’s review, which always have great player with thoroughly planned videos.

  2. JMO, but that was pretty lame. That opening noodling was terrible, and it actually sounded out of tune to me when it first started. And WTF, this demo was from a Korg rep? Been a Korg user my whole life and have tons of Korg gear in my studios, but this demo sucked. Again, JMO.

  3. I talked to someone who played one at NAMM and liked it. Said people were trying to figure out if it was just the keyboard, or if Korg had found a way to really nail the connection between to keys and the synth engine.

  4. that sound at 8.04 is Glorious Analog. mmm. very impressed

    and the idea of custom programmable oscillator shapes once youve done all you can with the analog end of it sounds awsome too…means that the synth will have lots of new possibilities for years to come. Im hooked….

    but yeh..only one LFO kinda #fail there doh

  5. For another grand, you can get an OB6 with only one LFO. And 10 fewer voices.

    I’m not that inspired by this synth but a 16 voice analog synth for 2 grand is still impressive to me. That’s $125 per voice!

    The ability to mix analog and digital OSCs is a pretty big bonus IMO. Lack of a sequencer, particularly a motion sequencer is a big negative and sort of goes against the name/lineage of the the synth. Not unlike the sequencerless/no battery option ‘Volca’ Mix.

  6. Particular to MOAR LFOS PLZ… if you’ve got an iPad, definitely check out the midiLFOs app. Gives you 4 LFOs with more options than you can shake a stick at for 5-10 bucks.

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