Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream & Expander – The Synth Inspired By Blade Runner

At the 2018 NAMM Show, Black Corporation made their NAMM debut for Deckard’s Dream, a new analog synth design, inspired by the sound of the classic Yamaha CS-80, and the way Vangelis used the CS-80 in his score for Blade Runner.

The Deckard’s Dream is available now, in both DIY and pre-built formats. It offers 16 VCO’s, support for polyphonic aftertouch and MPE, MIDI, a VST/AU editor, analog effects, CV inputs and more.

The Deckard’s Dream Expander adds Chorus, Tremolo, and Ring Modulator effects as well as 16 CV inputs. It is designed to work seamlessly with Deckard’s Dream, but it also works as a standalone audio effects device and a CV to MIDI converter.

See the Deckard’s Dream site for details.

For a point of comparison, here’s another video, featuring an original CS-80:

At the NAMM Show, Yamaha had a mint CS-80 in their booth. Yamaha’s Nate Tschetter gave us a quick demo of the rare synthesizer, an overview of the CS-80’s architecture, and told us the story of rediscovering the instrument.

13 thoughts on “Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream & Expander – The Synth Inspired By Blade Runner

  1. Like the original, it has 8 voice polyphony, each voice consisting of two layers. Looks like it’s $3749 built, shipping included. It has an autotuning manager, supports MPE and also has built in microtonal support. And obviously, MIDI.

    The DIY version costs less, but does not come with either the parts or the case. Also, it is no longer available, so there’s no point discussing it! 🙂

    It’s hand made from scratch in Japan. Not too many things in that category other than samurai swords, yummy food, and cutting edge street fashion.

    So it’s a fairly notable upgrade to a CS-80, should you have one. The price seems extremely reasonable given what you are getting.

    1. Indeed, when you consider what a CS-80 in decent condition would cost, plus the cost of maintenance, plus the cost of shipping(!), and that this is in effect a spiritual successor (CS-100?), the price is an insane bargain. The only thing perhaps lacking is a touch strip, but throw in a Roli Seaboard Grand and you’d make 1982 Vangelis envious.

    1. I had and SE CODE with CS80 filters and also just played the DD. The DD sounds more alive where the CODE was very clinical. Both great Synths but I would go the DD now.

  2. Yamaha, get together with Black Co and use your mass facilities to make these beauties.
    Develop polyphonic after touch keyboard with ribbon control and job done.
    Get Eddie Jobson to demonstrate ?

  3. if the guy in the Yamaha video wants a unicorn, look for a GX-1! Yamaha made some fo the true beasts of vintage synth.. strange they aren’t following it or re-issuing like Korg has done. Maybe one day?

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