WMD Fracture Multi-Particle Crowd Percussion Synthesizer

At the 2018 NAMM Show, WMD introduced a unique drum module, the Fracture Multi-Particle Crowd Percussion Synthesizer.

We talked with WMD’s Alex Anderson, who gave us a demo of what Fracture can do.

Fracture started with the idea of creating a clap percussion module, but takes a new approach, using granular synthesis to create individual clap sounds and then group them to simulate crowds of varying sizes.

Fracture uses single impulse samples like Claps, Snaps, Ping Pong Balls, Opening a beer can, and many more. It then plays a group of similar samples back in a psuedo random order for unique hits. Density, Decay, and Tail affect tone and how “tight” your virtual clappers are to playing together.


  • 8 hp
  • Stereo Output
  • Control over “how many people” and ” how tight” they are to playing together
  • Built in Hall and Room reverb
  • CV over all parameters
  • 3 Filter types, 3 Envelope types
  • Free running, Voltage Controlled “applause” capability
  • Two Trigger inputs for different types of sounds

Pricing and Availability

The Fracture is ‘coming soon’, priced at US $269. See the WMD site for details.

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