Mellotron Keyboards – Then & Now

At the 2018 NAMM Show, we talked with Mellotron guru Markus Resch, who had 50 years of Mellotron history on display, ranging from a 1964 mkII model to the latest digital versions.

Resch has offered new and used instruments and replacement parts for Mellotrons and Chamberlin keyboards since 1989.

You can find out more at the Mellotron site.

4 thoughts on “Mellotron Keyboards – Then & Now

    1. Do you think this is a mass-market product or something?

      This guy is probably lucky if he can sell 50-100 keyboards a year. Niche instruments are always more expensive than mainstream ones, because these companies don’t get the benefits of volume production. It’s pretty clear that this guy is trying to make a high-quality instrument, too. You don’t see many keyboards under a grand that have cases made out of aluminum, unless their mainstream keyboards like the Minilogue.

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