‘Robots’ – John L Rice

Synthesist John L Rice shared the music video for his large-format modular track, Robots.

Technical Details:

5U Modular Synth Voice #1:
Mos-Lab 921ABBB VCO set
STG Soundlabs Mixer
Grove Audio G294A VCF
Mos-Lab 911 EG x 2
Mos-Lab 902 VCA

5U Modular Synth Voice #2:
Synthetic Sound Labs 1200 VCO
Corsynth C103 MkI frequency divider
Moon Modular 517S VCF
Synthetic Sound Labs 1235 EG/VCA

Both voices controlled/played by a
GRP Synthesizer R24 sequencer

The GRP R24 was controlled by the Roland TR-505 drum machine via MIDI.

Effects were:
Strymon Big Sky and Timeline pedals
Roland RSP-550

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