Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

This video, via Nu-Trix The Synth Guy, takes a look at the Waldorf Rocket synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about the video:

I bought myself a Waldorf Rocket synthesizer. It’s a small synth brain that packs a punch. It has a Virtual analogue Oscillator combined with a real analogue filter. One top of that is hase one LFO, an Arp and an audio VCF in. It has no memory. What you see it what you get. It has a warm Waldorf sound. But don’t take my world for it. Have a listen in the video.

7 thoughts on “Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

    1. it was probably either a local store or some random sale – a lot of the gear I have is like that where i get it on sale for an insanely cheap price that i never saw at the same price again because I have no idea why .

  1. I had one of these briefly – traded a JX-03 for it. Was _very_ happy with it, especially the paraphonic mode… just a VERY fun synth. I ended up trading it for a DSI Mopho thinking it was an upgrade and regretting it immediately. I hope one of these crosses my path again soon because it’s a great little synth! He hits the nail on the head with this review – it’s not got a ton of options, but every one of the options it does have is fun and interesting!

  2. I bought one on impulse for about $300 Australian 3 – 4 years ago. At the time I was moving house so it never got opened until about 6 months after purchase. One day I plugged it into my iMac (the Rocket is USB powered) and was totally underwhelmed. It was very thin sounding and the filter refused to go into self oscillation. It was not at all like the demo videos I’d seen and I really thought I’d got a bad one.

    Then a quiet voice came out of the darkness: “Try it with the (provided) AC adapter you idiot.” it said.

    Bingo. Not enough oomph from the iMac USB was my problem (lots of other things hanging off the hub too)..

    I’ll deffo be keeping mine. Don’t be put off by its apparent simplilcity. These things can really scream.

  3. Love those little Waldorf modules, be it the Rocket, the Streichfett or the 2-Pole. Nice little modules without menus or presets so you will fast get what you want.

    Come on Waldorf give us some more of those modules! A vocoder maybe? Or a granular one?

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